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Area Studies - General
National Geographic Online
Adults who love geography already know what this site has to offer, and it's welcoming to kids as well. They can begin slowly by visiting Xpedition Hall, an interactive learning museum, and eventually move on to building their own maps using the MapMachine.

World Fact Book
Produced by the CIA, this quick reference guide provides information about the economics, geography and political conditions of 267 countries around the globe. Includes color flag reproductions, statistics and maps.

Library of Congress Country Studies
The Library of Congress Federal Research Division has prepared a series of books that are detailed studies of 85 countries, which are now available online. Historic background of each country, as well as political, social, economic and national security information.

US Census Bureau International Database
This computerized data bank contains statistical tables of demographic, and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas of the world

Area Studies by Region

allAfrica Global Media is the largest distributor of African news information in the world. This site is among the Internet's largest content sites, with 700 stories posted in French and English daily. There is a 400,000-article archive that can be searched by region (northern to southern), by country, or even by topic.

Developed by the Asia Society, this provides information regarding the cultural, economic, social, historical, and political dimensions of Asia. Offers everything from Asian recipes to in-depth analysis of significant issues.

History in the News: The Middle East
An excellent place to monitor recent events in the Middle East or to gain a better appreciation for its diverse cultures. Includes links to general resources—history, culture, society, religion, economics, politics, and news and media—and regional resources arranged by country.