Mission Statement


The Edith Wheeler Memorial Library provides its users with access to the Internet as part of its ongoing commitment to make information available in a variety of formats and from a variety of sources. The library offers free, unsecured wired and wireless access to the Internet for use with its patrons’ laptop computers or other devices.

By accessing the Internet via either wired or wireless methods, the patron agrees to abide by the library’s Computer and Internet Usage Policy. This policy describes who is eligible to log onto the Internet in this library, outlines the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet, prohibits illegal activity while using the Internet, provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable uses, and specifies penalties for usage infractions. Patrons are advised to read that policy prior to accessing the library’s network. Copies are available on the library’s homepage and at the Reference Desk.


Wireless access to the Internet is available in most areas in the library. However, there may be some “dead” spots where wireless reception is limited. Moving to another location in the library may result in a stronger connection.

Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance, nor does the library provide a guarantee that a wireless connection will be made.

There are no printing capabilities via the wireless network.

Sound is not permitted in the library. If audio files are accessed, the use of headphones is required. Headphones must be supplied by the patron.

Wireless access to the Internet should be used only during the open hours of the library.

The wireless network has capacity limitations on the number of users who may be online simultaneously, so access may be limited at times.


The Edith Wheeler Memorial Library’s public Internet network is not secure and provides no data encryption between the access points and the patron’s device. Information sent to and from a patron’s laptop computer or other device could be captured by anyone else using a connected device and the appropriate software. Also, any shared files or folders on a patron’s device could
be read, copied, and/or deleted by anyone else using the network. It is the patron’s responsibility to protect his or her laptop computer or other wireless device through the use of up-to-date virus
protection, personal firewalls, and/or other measures.

It is highly recommended that “file sharing” be turned off on the user’s wireless device.

Lastly, it is strongly urged that credit card information and passwords not be transmitted while using the library’s network.


The Edith Wheeler Memorial Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment, data files, device configurations, or security resulting from connection to the library’s wireless network or to the Internet. Nor is the library liable for any damages to hardware, software, or data, however caused.


This policy may be amended at any regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees following the meeting at which the change first was proposed.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, October 19, 2006