The Edith Wheeler Memorial Library provides public-access computers through which its patrons may access information databases and the Internet.  The library’s computers are available for use on a “first-come-first-served” basis.  Sessions will be limited to one (1) hour whenever other patrons are waiting. 

Any library patron may use the public-access computers.   To ensure appropriate behavior, children under the age of 9 should be accompanied by an adult during their computer use.  The library reserves the right to refuse computer privileges to any patron whose library card is suspended as a result of outstanding fines, charges, or other infractions. 

Downloading and sharing protected material is a violation of the federal Copyright Act of 1976. Library computers cannot be used to conduct illegal file sharing. Protected materials may include text, photographs, songs, movies, graphic illustrations and other computer software. If inappropriate activity is detected the Town reserves the right to enforce corrective actions.

Internet filtering software is not used on the computers in the Adult Department, but it is used on the computers in the Teen Space and the Children’s Department.

The Internet is a global and unregulated information network.  Access to material of a controversial or mature nature, as well as to material that is not complete, accurate, or current, is unavoidable.  The library cannot control the information available through the Internet and does not accept responsibility for its quality, accuracy, or currency.   

Printing information from the computers is permitted at a cost established by the library. 

Computer users may not install or download software programs or files onto the library computer’s hard drive.  Users are not to attempt to breach the library’s computer security systems or attempt to access the hard drive, other files, networks, or computer systems of the library.

The library’s computers are in public areas and are shared by patrons of all ages.  Therefore, users are not to access potentially offensive information or images not consistent with community standards.  Library computers may be used for lawful purposes only.  Computer and/or Internet sessions or privileges will be suspended or revoked if, in the opinion of the Library Director, use is not in keeping with this policy.  Illegal acts involving the library’s computers may be subject to criminal prosecution.

The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time, as it deems appropriate and in response to changing conditions.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees: October 17, 2001
Revised, July 16, 2014